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  • Ours is not a better way, ours is merely another way

Conversations with God (CwG) is a sequence of nine books written by Neale Donald Walsch, written as a dialogue in which Walsch asks questions and God answers.

The first book of the CwG series, 'Conversations with God, Book 1: An Uncommon Dialogue', appeared on bookshelves in 1995, and quickly became a publishing phenomenon, staying on the New York Times Best-Sellers List for 137 weeks.

The succeeding volumes in the trilogy also appeared prominently on the List.

In an interview with Larry King, Walsch described the inception of the books as follows:

At a low period in his life, Walsch wrote an angry letter to God asking questions about why his life wasn't working.

After writing down all of his questions, he heard a voice over his right shoulder say: "Do you really want an answer to all these questions or are you just venting?"

Though when he turned around he saw no one there, Walsch felt answers to his questions filling his mind and decided to write them down.

The ensuing dialogue became the CwG books. However, in the interview with Larry King, Walsch freely admitted that he couldn’t be sure that it was God speaking and that the books could have been the product of his own subconscious, but he stated that he truly believed it to be the voice of God speaking to him.

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